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I also polished the bars with the Turtle-Wax and touched them up with the soft brass wheel-brush. Above: The original rear derailleur cleaned-up great, but there was no way to tighten it up.Brass wheel brushes throw lots of bristles when using! It would not stay in the proper position even though the spring was fine.Original text and images of the 1984 Schwinn sales brochure.The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1984.The P12 was highlighted with Nervex lugs, a steel Stronglight Competition crankset, and Campagnolo Grand Sport front and rear derailers.

I used the Turtle-Wax on the Chrome, and Mother`s on the un-plated metal parts. Above: I used the soft brass wheel-brush (mini angle grinder) and Turtle-Wax Chrome Cleaner/Polish on the Stem, Seat-Post, and the Seat-Post Clamp and Bolt.

Fillet-brazing is an alternative method of constructing high-quality lightweight bicycle frames without the use of lugs.

Brazing is a joining process employing a filler metal, like brass, that melts below the melting temperature of the parent metal workpiece.

Conventional thinking dictates that every touring bicycle should have a 72" seat and head angle. At Schwinn we've found that by varying this angle slightly for each frame size, we can better fit our bikes to each individual rider. The Schwinn Difference Today, as for four generations, Schwinn continues to design and build high quality, dependable bicycles. Since 1938, the concept behind the Schwinn Paramount has been specific and enwavering; the being to built the ultimated handcrafted bicycle. The Super Sport is also set up with stainless steel spokes. "And "full braze-ons for Blackburn racks." They talk about something special. From its Shimano mountain bike derailleurs and crank, to its Dia-Compe 981 cantilever brakes. The Schwinn Le Tour Luxe is the perfect bike for weekend touring. For loading, there's a rigid Blackburn SS rear rack, the standard for high-performance touring. The High Sierra takes to rugged mountain trails, meandering country paths or short touring trips with ease. The Schwinn exclusive custom-moly tubing throughout for lightweight strength.

To give them a machine that's not only more comfortable to ride, but one that also performs better. Schwinn has never set a time limit on its warranty and our self-imposed obligations to you, the cyclist. A bicycle that tracks straighter, accelerates faster, that simply outperforms anything else in world. Handcrafted from a custom mix of Columbus SL and Sp tubing, it's extremely rigid. So no matter how massive your muscles, it's ready to handle the torque. The Tempo is for people who only want to travel at one speed: flat out fast. From its comfortable leather covered saddle, to its precision investment cast seat lug and fork crown. Unlike most touring bicycles at this price, the Luxe gives you the advantage of choosing from 18 speeds. Comfort features like and extended 42" wheelbase, a micro adjusting seat post, an anatomic saddle and rigid Weinmann rims with new Schwinn "Passage" tires make this the touring bike you won't have to pay another 0 to go touring on. The high-tech drive system features Sun Tour Moun Tech front and rear derailleurs with Sun Tour Micro Lite levers, plus Dia-Compe 980 cantilever brakes.

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Additional options included a Campagnolo seatpost in place of a spartan, rolled aluminum tube, a Campagnolo Record crankset, and white plastic fenders - presumably Bluemels of unknown model.

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