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Oklahoma divorce statutes dating

False allegations are lies and people who make false allegations are liars.

Oftentimes, when a man finds himself the target of false allegations, he initially becomes paralyzed by shock and disbelief that a woman he once loved or still loves could perpetrate such a horrible lie upon him.

Oklahoma is now a "no fault" state, meaning that a person desiring a divorce does not have to prove that his or her spouse is at fault in the marriage.

The most common grounds for divorce is irreconcilable differences.

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These fathers should be punished because they make all fathers look bad , and in the long run, will lower the rights to visitations, modifications, and the right to be called a good father.

Too many men have become the targets of false allegations. Even one victim of such a despicable lie is one victim too many.

A false allegation of abuse isn’t just any lie; it’s one of the most contemptible lies that exists.

When two people divorce and there are children involved, two things generally happen.

Either one of the parents will gain custody of the children and the other will pay child support, in most cases.

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Some of these fathers try to contact the Attorney General’s office but are unable to receive any help because they do not deal with visitation enforcement.