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Beastilaty dating

The former university student is unable to get a blue card, which is required in Queensland for people who wish to work with children.

Bestiality (also known as Zoophilia) is the sexual activity of a human with an animal whereas Zoosexuality is either the sexual or romantic desire for an animal.Wiki Answers does not provide information on how to perform illegal acts.If you feel that you may be offended by this information don't read further.Denmark's Animal Ethics Council opposed banning bestiality in Denmark in 20, saying existing laws which allow bestiality except in cases where the animal can be proved to have suffered were enough.Some jurisdictions list laws very clearly, such as England and Wales, which specifically prohibits penetration of a human being by the penis of an animal, and penetration of an animal by a human's penis.

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Apart from it being against the law (I think), are there medical reasons why this is not a good idea?