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How many males who have no religious leaning, would accept to get engaged without even having embraced their loved one, like, more than once??

For I have found, in my experience, that most men in my country are non-religious, and don't have much appreciation for the Faith's standard of chastity sorry to say.

I also realise it is not 'law' per se, but surely, something the Guardian affirms as the true spirit of the teachings on the subject of sex', which is also shared in a letter by the House of Justice to an NSA, is something normally baha'is will feel compelled to endeavour to follow, right?

My 'issue' with it, is that I feel, -at least in a place where I am, that is, Australia, that it is extremely unrealistic, and maybe not possible to achieve for a majority of people.

Each syllable is infused with exponential doses of hilarity.

Dear Friends, I wonder if I can write this succinctly but still get my message across.

I feel really troubled by this entry below in Lights of Guidance, which I must have read two decades ago.: Now, I realise it starts out referencing a Pilgrim's note, however, Shoghi Effendi, through His secretary, conveys 'we should strive to achieve this exalted standard', a standard described in the Pilgrim's note.

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It reminded me of all the feelings I was trying to not feel, all the thoughts I was trying not to think, all the questions I was trying not to ask. She gave me the rundown on dating apps, her take on the term “podcast and chill,” and a list of the pods that have kept her sane.